Titus and Modern Technology

Throughout the movie Titus audience members quickly start to realize that this movie, although based on the Roman Empire, actually has modern representations and shows certain modern technologies that were invented in the 21st century. The modern aspects of Titus actually makes it quite comical in so many aspects and at times makes it hard to take the Roman setting seriously. In the second scene of the movie the audience gets a very authentic view of Rome by the coliseum like atmosphere around them and rugged armor that the men wear. However, as the movie progresses the audience sees the two princes drive up to the Empire gathering in cars and motorcycles. This image triggers the audience that this movie is not as serious about the authenticity of Rome like Spartacus and Gladiator’ s emphasis on trying to represent true Roman ideologies. As this scene continues, the princes begin to talk on a microphone, which is certainly almost comical because this is the absolute opposite of the traditional Roman powerful voice that can speak to hundreds of people like Maximus did in Gladiator.

Time stamp (19:14)

Another aspect of this anti-Roman tradition are the buildings which tend to depict more of city sky scraper-like than an actual Roman building. This scene in particular where the new Emperor is decided on, really is the first initial shock to the audience where ideas of comedy appear and distance the movie from the traditional Roman ways.

All throughout Titus modern technologies appear and tend to dominate the underlying Roman theme of the movie that is supposed to be the main idea. The two sons of Tamera really represent this modern idea throughout the movie because they are especially modern in their dress, and activities. Their actions and appearances are so comical throughout the entire movie because they are absolutely the last two people you would ever expect to be allegedly Roman. The brother’s metallic leather outfits and blonde dyed hair represent quite the opposite from someone like Maximus’s constant dress of body armor or simple brown attire. These gothic villains end up playing pool, video games and drinking drinks out of their refrigerator during the movie. This scene of the movie really makes it seem as though it is a 1990s movie that involves just two guys hanging out.

Time Stamp: (1:40::31)

As these two boys smoke cigarettes, dance to rock music and play video games, in no way do they represent the authentic young Roman soldiers who fight for worth and respect throughout their lives. I truly am not totally sure about the reasoning for implementing these drastic differences from the Roman way of life, yet they certainly take away a lot of seriousness and credibility from the authenticity of this movie.

Lastly, another huge time when this action of anti-Roman way of life was dramatically depicted was at the end of the movie when a gun killed the Emperor. Of course the Romans did not have guns, but had their personal weaponry of spears and swords that were used to kill people. The typical Roman revenge sequences mostly happened during battle, not at dinner or casually around a palace like they did in Titus. Although it involved death, this part of the film was extremely comical because it was shocking to see a gun come out, and very unexpectedly. The constant minor and major acts of modern technologies throughout this movie were anything but subtle and separated this movie from any other Roman based film we have watched this year. All of those movies such as Spartacus and Gladiator were taken with such respect for their efforts to try and really represent true ancient Rome, yet Titus is so hard to really take seriously and gain any knowledge or sense of the Roman Empire.


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