Final exam structure

Here’s the outline of the final. Remember: it is roughly 2/3 or 3/4 on the films from after the midterm, but everything this semester is fair game.

Part 1: Film IDS. There will be between 4 and 6. Give title, country of production (or at least language), and year of production (within a 10-year window). = 20%

Part 2: Multiple choice. Basically like the quizzes. (On plot). Could include some basic terminology.  = 15%

Part 3: Short answer. 1-2 sentences, or less. On important critical/cinematographical terminology and other points of analysis of the films. Will be objective, however. = 15%

Part 4: Essay. basically 3 paragraphs. 2 of the following prompts will appear on the exam. You will have to select one. Prepare you answer in advance!

  1. Using at least 2 films from the course (can be from before or after the midterm) as evidence for your argument, argue whether revenge can ever be right? (Make this an argument. Yes or no. Do not equivocate.)
  2. Select one cinematographical technique (e.g., slow-motion, low-angled shot, extreme close-up) and explain how it’s used differently in 2 or more films (at least one from before and one from after the midterm).
  3. Take 2 different films (one from before the midterm and one from after) and explain the ways that these films interact with the contemporary culture of their time and place of production. Focus especially on the differences between the ways that your selected films do this.

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